New PA Law Allows for Record Sealing of Misdemeanor Offenses

New Pennsylvania Law Allows for Sealing of Prior Misdemeanor OffensesPittsburgh Expungement Lawyer

A new Pennsylvania law, effective in November 2016, will no longer punish individuals who were convicted of non-violent misdemeanors over ten years’ prior by restricting them in their daily lives by a criminal record. The law allows for certain misdemeanor convictions to be sealed from public records. If you are free from arrest or prosecution for ten years following a misdemeanor conviction, our attorneys can help seal the record of your conviction from potential employers. Non-violent misdemeanors graded as second or third degree, or ungraded misdemeanors with a maximum penalty of less than two years are eligible for record sealing. This process is slightly different from the process of expunging your criminal record, as sealed records are still available to government and law enforcement agencies. Call Pometto Law today at 412-593-4529 for a free consultation to discuss which charges can be expunged or sealed from your record.

Joe Pometto