A Pittsburgh Law Firm Focusing on Criminal Defense, Employment Law and Civil Litigation

Pometto Law is a Pittsburgh-based law firm that takes pride in helping people accused of a crime defend themselves from government prosecution. We also take pride in defending victims of harassment, discrimination or retaliation in the workplace. Governments and corporations have a tremendous amount of power. Individuals are often left at the mercy of these wealthy and powerful entities. Our attorneys are here to level the playing field. We will use the power of the law and the United States Constitution to defend you from injustice.

State and local governments bring thousands of criminal cases against individuals every year. Many times the government lacks the necessary evidence to prove their case or what they have charged. Whether it is a DUI, Violent Crime, Drug Offense or Traffic Violation, Pometto Law is here to hold the government accountable and fight for your Constitutional rights. 

Employment Law

Too often, workers and employees are the targets of unfair and illegal treatment at the hands of their employer. Such treatment may be discriminatory, harassing or even physically hostile in nature. If such action has been taken against you, we will stand up to your employer whether they are a small business or Fortune 500 company. 

With experience in employment litigation, personal injury, family law and many other areas of litigation, we will take your case and drive it to the best result possible.


We travel to Greensburg,  McKeespor, Erie, Butler, Washington or any location in Western Pennsylvania. Our firm offers personalized and dedicated legal services to ensure that the client comes first.