Firearm PossessionNot Guilty Nov. 2019
Car AccidentKnee, Neck & Back $185,000 - 2021
Endangering WelfareDismissed June 2021
RobberyCharge Withdrawn Sep. 2018
Aggravated AssaultCase Withdrawn Jan. 2018
StrangulationCase Dismissed Jul. 2018
Sexual AssaultCharge Withdrawn Jan. 2019
Aggravated AssaultCase Withdrawn Nov. 2016
BurglaryCharge Withdrawn Oct. 2019
PFADismissed Feb. 2022
F1 Corrupt OrganizationsCase Dismissed May 2022
Felony FirearmNot Guilty Aug. 2022
DUI 1st Offense - Tier 3Not Guilty Aug. 2022
DUI 2nd Offense - Tier 1Not Guilty July 2022
Truck AccidentConcussion $48,000 - 2021
Car AccidentConcussion $50,000 - 2018
PFADismissed Jul. 2022
Custody Motion Sole Custody Granted Feb. 2022
Custody TrialPrimary Custody Retained Feb. 2022
The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
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Western District of Pennsylvania
U.S. Air Force
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A Western Pennsylvania Law Firm That Puts People First – Go For Joe

At Joe Pometto Law we have a simple rule to live by: People First. We put people first by representing individuals, small businesses, and Western Pennsylvania clients only. We are not a national law firm who has come to Western Pennsylvania to set up our twenty-seventh office. Joe Pometto Law does not represent large corporations or insurance companies who are more concerned with their bottom line than helping their clients. Our firm helps individuals and small businesses who need an attorney to fight for their rights. Our firm focuses on criminal defense, personal injury and family law. All of our attorneys are trial lawyers who will take your case to trial if and when that is necessary. Our Pittsburgh Law Firm provides personalized service, and we pride ourselves on being available to our clients, by phone call, text message, email or otherwise. We are here to fight for you – take advantage of our knowledge, dedication, and experience. GO FOR JOE – Contact your friendly, neighborhood lawyers at Joe Pometto Law for your legal needs.

Criminal Defense

A felony conviction can send someone to jail pr prison for a significant period of time. Not only that, but felony convictions will also result in damaged job prospects and harm to reputation for, perhaps, the rest of someone’s life. When facing serious charges, you need aggressive, competent, and experienced counsel. At Joe Pometto Law, we are ready to take up that mantle. We defend misdemeanors, felonies, and all types of criminal charges. Our firm will take a case to a jury trial and we have been successful in defending charges from felony gun possession, to receiving stolen property to DUI. We will represent clients charged with the most serious criminal offenses and we will provide the highest level of representation in those circumstances. Lean on a firm that has proven trial strategies and who practices and has relationships in every county in Western Pennsylvania. We put people first and we will put your case first. GO FOR JOE – Contact your friendly, neighborhood lawyers at Joe Pometto Law for your legal needs.


Many people believe that DUIs are open and shut cases. This is far from the truth. In many instances, the police may not have followed proper procedure when conducting the traffic stop or their investigation. Additionally, certain procedures must be done properly when the police are taking breath or blood samples. At Joe Pometto law we will analyze the procedures used by the police to find an angle to fight the case. Performing such an analysis is crucial in DUI’s. A DUI can result in the suspension of your driver’s license, thousands of dollars in fines and even jail time. The Fourth Amendment protects citizens from unreasonable search and seizure. At Joe Pometto Law, we will use the Fourth Amendment as your shield to defend a DUI charge. GO FOR JOE – Contact your friendly, neighborhood lawyers at Joe Pometto Law for your legal needs.

Personal Injury

Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania are being overrun with law firms from big cities. All kinds of national law firms are advertising to injury clients in our area. Don’t be fooled. These firms are large, but they will not provide you with the personal service you need in an injury case. If you have been involved in a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, slip and fall or otherwise, you need lawyers who will answer your calls and return your messages. More importantly, you need lawyers with the experience and tenacity to fight for you as individuals instead of as another number on a state sheet. Our firm will take a slip and fall case to trial, and we will litigate a car accident as aggressively as possible. Don’t go to a large firm. Hire a firm that will put people first and represent you at every turn. GO FOR JOE – Contact Joe Pometto Law for a consultation.

Family Law

In perhaps no other area of law in which we practice does the slogan “People First” matter more. In our family law practice, we represent people in divorce actions, child custody cases and support actions. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of legal services to our clients, to protect them and their families. When a family law issue arises, it us often one of the most difficult and stressful times in a person’s life. Joe Pometto Law understands that, and our lawyers understand that. We will do everything we can to stay in touch with you, communicate with you and address all your concerns. Your family and your children come first. We get that. Joe Pometto Law puts people first. We will put you first. We will represent you in divorce, support, PFA’s and custody. GO FOR JOE – Contact your friendly, neighborhood lawyers at Joe Pometto Law for your legal needs.


In a custody battle, you need the highest level of legal services. Joe Pometto Law is here to help. Your child’s well-being is the most important thing in your life. We will protect that at every turn. There are a variety of tools needed to effectively defend a custody case. You need lawyers who understand different custody schedules, a variety of relocation rules and methods of communication to make custody exchanges work. Our firm understands this, and we will apply our knowledge to your case. In Pennsylvania, the best interest of the child is the legal standard used in child custody cases. There are a variety of factors that courts use in order to determine the best interests of the child and you need lawyers who put you in the best position possible to take advantage of this. Joe Pometto Law will do that. We put people first and we provide personalized legal services. If you need a custody lawyer, look no further. In Western Pennsylvania, we are the firm for you. GO FOR JOE – Contact your friendly, neighborhood lawyers at Joe Pometto Law for your legal needs.

Other Practice Areas

Our firm will help clients in any area of law where the cost of representation and our legal expertise overlap in a way that makes sense for both parties. Joe Pometto Law puts people first. We regularly practice civil litigation, employment law, small claims, landlord-tenant, and other areas of law. In civil litigation, our firm has extensive experience litigating contract cases, construction cases and homeowner disputes. For landlord tenant cases, we will help bring an eviction action or defend it. Our experience on both sides of eviction actions helps us adapt to all possible situations. Further, we have litigated dozens of employment cases for discrimination, lost wages, and violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Our philosophy is to put people first and provide personalized service. In line with those values, we will help you in any way we can, no matter the case. Give us a call to see if your case is a good fit for our firm. GO FOR JOE – Contact your friendly, neighborhood lawyers at Joe Pometto Law for your legal needs.

Picture of Joe Pometto

Meet Joe Pometto

Attorney Joe Pometto draws on a well of varied experience to inform his law practice. He has represented individuals in state and federal courts as well as in mediations, arbitrations, unemployment hearings, criminal defense proceedings and small claims court.

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Joe is an excellent attorney. He does a fantastic job at laying out all the options in front of you and makes sure you understand what each one entails. He was also available and willing to speak with me at all times — May 8, 2019


We were very satisfied with the legal representation Joe provided us in our defense. He was very professional and knowledgeable and did an excellent job getting the best outcome we could expect. We highly recommend Joe for handling any of your legal matters. You won’t be disappointed. — June 28...


Joe is a great attorney, We couldn't have asked for a better person to handle our son's case. We had questions and he would get right back to us. Couldn't ask for a more kind hearted, caring, compassionate, honest and dedicated attorney. This was a very diffficult time for us and Joe made us feel at...

Tammi H

A friend recommended to mr Pometto and i couldn’t be happier. Joe consulted with me over the phone and gave me a few option pertaining to my case and i decided to hire him. He presented my options and explained my charges in a easy and very clear way to help me decide what was best for me. I would...


On June 26, 2017, Attorney Pometto handled a case for us defending our son. He was professional, attentive, understood our goal and put into place his plan to make that goal happen. He provided immediate responses to our calls and concerns and truly left us feeling that we were in good hands. The...

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