The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
Western District of Pennsylvania
U.S. Air Force

Case Results

Case #1 - 11/26/2019
Allegheny County: Atty Pometto
Firearm Possession - Not Guilty On All Counts - Judge Trial

Case #2 - 10/2/2019
Allegheny County: Atty Pometto
Felony One Burglary - Charge Withdrawn - Plea to Summary Offenses

Case #3 - 06/4/2019
Allegheny County: Atty Pometto
Possession w. Intent to Deliver - Charge Withdrawn - Plea to Simple Possession

Case #4 - 03/7/2019
Crawford County: Atty Pometto
Drug Delivery Resulting in Death - Charge Withdrawn - Plea to Lesser Offenses

Case #5 - 01/3/2019
Armstrong County: Atty Pometto
Statutory Sexual Assault – Charge Withdrawn – Plea to Misdemeanors​

Case #6 - 09/27/2018
Allegheny County: Atty Pometto
Robbery - Suppression Granted - Charge Withdrawn​

Case #7 - 09/11/2018
Somerset County: Atty Pometto
Sexual Assault - Charge Withdrawn – Plea Lesser Offenses​

Case #8 - 07/12/2018
Allegheny County: Atty Pometto
Strangulation - Dismissed after Preliminary Hearing​

Case #9 - 03/20/2018
Somerset County: Atty Pometto
Drug Delivery Resulting in Death - Withdrawn at Preliminary Hearing

Case #10 - 01/25/2018
Allegheny County: Atty Pometto
Agg. Assault - Case Withdrawn on Day of Trail

Case #11 - 11/08/2016
Allegheny County: Atty Pometto
Agg. Assault - Case Withdrawn at Preliminary Hearing

Client Reviews
"Joe is an excellent attorney. He does a fantastic job at laying out all the options in front of you and makes sure you understand what each one entails. He was also available and willing to speak with me at all times." Anonymous
"We were very satisfied with the legal representation Joe provided us in our defense. He was very professional and knowledgeable and did an excellent job getting the best outcome we could expect. We highly recommend Joe for handling any of your legal matters. You won’t be disappointed." Mike
"Joe is a great attorney, We couldn't have asked for a better person to handle our son's case. We had questions and he would get right back to us. Couldn't ask for a more kind hearted, caring, compassionate, honest and dedicated attorney. This was a very diffficult time for us and Joe made us feel at ease, because he really knew his job. I want to send a very special thank you for all you did." Tammi
"A friend recommended to mr Pometto and i couldn’t be happier. Joe consulted with me over the phone and gave me a few option pertaining to my case and i decided to hire him. He presented my options and explained my charges in a easy and very clear way to help me decide what was best for me. I would recommend mr Pometto to anyone for their legal needs and i would gladly hire him again let’s just hope i don’t need him." Dominic
"On June 26, 2017, Attorney Pometto handled a case for us defending our son. He was professional, attentive, understood our goal and put into place his plan to make that goal happen. He provided immediate responses to our calls and concerns and truly left us feeling that we were in good hands. The outcome of the hearing was exactly what he said it would be and we could not have been happier. We fully endorse this attorney and believe him to be a talented, knowledgable professional who will give his best." Marsha