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Pittsburgh Traffic Offense Lawyer

Have You Been Pulled Over? Speeding Ticket? Traffic Citation? License Points? CDL Violations?

Many Traffic Offenses in Pennsylvania can result in a Drivers License Suspension.

Often times a traffic citation or speeding ticket can go unaddressed. The lack of immediate penalty for a traffic offense makes it easy to ignore and forget. HOWEVER, Pennsylvania DOES NOT OVERLOOK OR FORGET YOUR TRAFFIC OFFENSE(s). When a Traffic Offense goes uncontested, YOU FORFEIT!

Understanding the Traffic Laws of Pennsylvania can be a daunting task. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based Traffic Attorney Joseph Pometto has the knowledge and experience to protect your driving privileges in Pennsylvania. Many cases result in a suspension of your drivers license. When you are pulled over while driving with a suspended license, penalties can begin to “snowball” or add-up. Traffic Attorney Joseph Pometto has dealt with numerous Drivers License Suspension cases in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania.

Below is a List of Our More Common Cases:

  • Speeding Tickets
  • Suspended Drivers License
  • DUI Related Drivers License Suspension
  • Traffic Violations
  • CDL Violations
  • Over-Weight Citations
  • Passing A School Bus
  • Construction Zone Violations

A valid Pennsylvania Drivers License is a privilege, not a right. Protect your Drivers License. If you are pulled over and issued a speeding ticket, traffic citation or CDL violation Call Attorney Joseph Pometto Now! 412-593-4LAW