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Warrants for Arrest

Learning that you have a warrant out for your arrest can be a terrifying experience. It means that the police are either actively looking for you or they will be arresting you if they happen to run into you at any time. Law enforcement uses national databases to alert police departments to active warrants and sometimes you may not even know you have one. If you learn that a warrant has been issued for your arrest, act quickly and retain Joe Pometto Law to help you. Not always, but often, our law firm can help you clear a warrant without ever being placed in handcuffs or behind bars. In some jurisdictions, and on some cases, we can arrange for a timely turn-in and the setting of bond that will avoid arrest altogether. Speed matters. If you have a warrant out and need help getting it cleared, call Joe Pometto Law as soon as you can.

In addition, when the warrant is cleared, you will need an attorney to argue for a non-monetary or low cash bond. Magistrate Judges in Pennsylvania rely on a complex calculation when it comes to setting your bond and the conditions of your release. It can be a cold-hearted, mathematical analysis. They want to know if you are a risk to flee, re-offend or skip your court dates. It makes a huge difference if you have a Pittsburgh Criminal Attorney to argue against application of that cold-hearted bond formula. Joe Pometto Law will talk to the judge about setting bond and even submit signed letters or whatever documentation is necessary to get your bond lowered. The sooner you hire an advocate on a warrant or bond issue, the better your ultimate results can be. It cannot be overstressed how important early intervention is. At Joe Pometto Law we see clients, all the time, who are in jail on ridiculously high bonds. Bonds that we know would have been lower if we were able to intervene early on.

Furthermore, remember, warrants can be issued for a variety of reasons. If you failed to appear at court or failed to comply with a court order, a judge may issue a warrant. Also, if you failed to pay your fines in a timely manner, a warrant for arrest can be issued against you. If you even suspect that you may have a warrant, give us a call. At Joe Pometto Law we know how to contact the courts and check online to get a status on a warrant. You don’t want to run a stop sign one day and be expecting a citation when the police officer surprises you with handcuffs. Not fun. Not cool. Avoid it altogether. Lean on our experience. Call Joe Pometto Law. We are here to help. Go For Joe - a local Western PA Law Firm.


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