Pittsburgh Unemployment Attorney

We Help People Get The Unemployment Compensation Benefits They Deserve.

At Pometto Law we help people applying for unemployment benefits get the compensation they deserve. Primarily, we will help you appeal a denial of unemployment benefits. However, we are also ready to assist you in the application process and through every step of the appeals process if you were denied. We offer help for all aspects of employment law. In addition we will defend workplace discrimination cases that may lead to wrongful termination.

Some of the common reasons for a denial of benefits are: willful misconduct, voluntary quit, engaging in self-employment, overpayments or misclassification. If you were denied for any of these issues, we can help. Our attorneys have won unemployment appeals on all of the issues listed above.

Review the steps below and if you require assistance with any of those phases of the process, give us a call now. We have attorneys standing by to assist you in getting the UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS that you and your family deserve.

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